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Foreign Language

Globalization and greater communication with foreign countries have increased the need for progressive and innovative school communities to nurture bilingual speakers.  By learning a foreign language and the cultural context within which a native language develops, a student becomes a more diverse and thoughtful person more accepting of other cultures. Learning a second or third language can help to develop new areas of your brain (Jensen, 2019), strengthen one’s natural ability to focus, and expand critical thinking skills.

Spanish Instruction Philosophy

In the modern, American economy, 16% of the workplace is staffed by employees for which Spanish is the native language (USDOE, 2019). The goal of the Spanish Language curriculum at Hampstead Academy is to offer a program of study for students to learn, understand, speak, read, and write the language.  Culture is an integral part of the program which enables the students to truly understand and appreciate the Spanish speaking world.   The scope of the material depends upon the particular grade level. Spanish is introduced to students at the Pre-Kindergarten level which allows students to grow in their understanding of the Spanish language and culture.  The Spanish curriculum is taught using media, games, adapted readings, and class discussions.  

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