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Social Studies Instruction Philosophy

The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, global society.  Social studies are an integrated study of the world including aspects of history and geography. The goal of the social studies program at Hampstead Academy is to enable students to understand how the actions of people shape, or are shaped, by the world and global society and to give students a sense of responsibility toward others, the earth’s resources, and the environment. 

Social Studies – History: Through our social studies program, students gain knowledge and perspective about different cultures and how each one is related to personal, present lives. Knowledge of one’s roots and one’s place in the stream of history provide the individual with the fullest sense of self and shared community. Students can see matters through the eyes of others who can better understand themselves and make connections between events of the past and the effect of those events on present-day society. Our teachers provide students with opportunities for in-depth investigation of concepts that challenge and engage them. The goal of our social studies program is to enable students to be active participants in public life.


Social Studies – Geography: Geography captures the imagination and stimulates curiosity about the world and its inhabitants including local, regional, and global issues. People everywhere need to know about their personal place in respect to the greater physical world. Geography should have more to do with asking questions and solving problems than the mere memorization of facts (Jensen, 2019). Our geography program at Hampstead Academy brings together the physical and human dimensions of the world through the study of places and people highlighting our interdependence on each other and the impact individuals and groups have on local and global environments.

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