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Hampstead Academy's Remote Learning Plan - Starting March 16th

Hampstead Academy's Remote Learning Plan

With the upgrade in status to pandemic, and the recommendation to implement the precautionary measure of social distancing, Hampstead Academy has made the decision to move to Remote Learning as of Monday, March 16th.

Remote Learning Plan for Members of the Hamptead Academy Community

  • Please download the App Zoom to your and/or your child’s phone and/or computer for easy video conferencing amongteachers/students/parents.
  • Homeroom as well as specials’ teachers will be contacting their students with specific assignments based on their current schedule.
  • Student assignments will be given by one or more of the following means depending on grade level (email, Google Classroom, or video)
  • Teachers will send books and materials home with the students today as a backup for materials we have in the classrooms. For example: Math texts, Language Arts texts, novels, writing journals, etc.
  • Staff will be available to students during their current scheduled times for their classes
  • Student assignments will be given via email, Google Classroom or video
  • Students can submit their work through email, Google Classroom or other digital means
  • Students can access teachers during class periods as well as their scheduled planning periods for questions and requests for extra help
  • Students will continue to be graded in their coursework as usual
  • Parents will have access to the students’ assignments
  • Parents and teachers will communicate through digital means
  • If HA closes as a preventative measure the staff will continue to come to work each day.

This is a unique situation in which many schools have not dealt with before, including HA. The teachers have been working hard putting together a remote learning plan that is successful for students, parents and staff. The teachers will also communicate with each other on what works and what could be improved on.

I would like to thank the many parents for positive words of support as the HA community works through this difficult situation.


Bonnie Roberts