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Back to School Night

Hampstead Academy held a Back to School night for students and parents.  The Hampstead Police Department hosted an information session about steps the school is taking to insure student safety and prepare should there be an emergency at the school.  Also, information was presented on the State of the School, including updates to the facility and programs, as well as information on enrollment for the upcoming year. 

Parents visited the classrooms and got a glimpse of all the amazing learning that happens each day.  Students presented what they had been learning about in science enrichment class:  how a monarch caterpillar goes through a metamorphoses, how the planets rotate and revolve, the phases of the moon, how to build a model to scale, and how a gravity well imitates the pull of the sun on the planets.

Students then had a chance to show off their MakerSpace projects.  Students made boats, birdhouses, roller coasters, and bridges.  Feats of engineering and design were on display and amazed the parents.  But that was not the end!  All who were present gathered to watch the rock bands and ukulele performances and to sample some amazing food prepared by the fifth and sixth grade students.