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Hampstead Academy Weekly Newsletter 06/03/22

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

THANK YOU Hampstead Academy Parents Thank You Keri Lynn Barneson and ALL of the parent volunteers who supported Family Fun Day! You all created such an amazing day for our HA Community! More Family Fun photos will be shared within the HA community very soon! The day was filled with so many smiles and to have the support of parents enjoying the day with the entire HA Community was such gift. We Thank You. Sincerely, HA Teachers & Staff

Ms. Cope and Ms. Kumar’s Classroom Community The PreK/Kindergarten class has been hard at work making paper puppets this week. All the hard work has accumulated into puppet shows for the other members of the class. The children also enjoyed the first/second grade project presentations. The PreK/K students were very respectful of the presenters and asked great questions. Everyone now has a better understanding of sea creatures. In P.E., the class revisited the game To Catch a Dragon’s Tail. The Kindergarteners worked on being team players, making sure a pace was set for all members of the dragon’s body. That was not easy with the enthusiasm displayed by everyone. Working on Kickball skills was a breeze when broken down into small steps. Being outside added to the fun.

Ms. Matos’ Classroom Community This week in the grade 1/2 classroom, we completed our ocean animal project! The kids worked so hard at school and at home. They prepared to speak with two of the other classes and did AMAZING! Mrs. Matos was so proud of each and every student for their confidence when speaking to a group! In math, students reviewed 3D shapes and their attributes. The class was challenged with making a 3D shape out of a simple piece of paper using only scissors and a glue stick. We also went on a shape scavenger hunt trying to find any classroom objects that would fit the criteria of that 3D shape. During guided reading, we broke up into small groups and learned new vocabulary words from the text and made predictions about what may happen in the story. We read about birds, cats, and farms. These students have come such a long way with their comprehension and fluency, It's impressive!

Ms. St. Pierre and Ms. Stone’s Classroom Community This week in Classroom 3-5, the students have been creating ways to make a positive impact on the world! Our class discussed and reviewed the seventeen sustainable development goals. Then, we thought of new ideas and inventions to help reach these goals! The students designed, mapped out, and articulated their ideas and shared them with their classmates. To practice this week's spelling words, the students created short stories that included all of their spelling words. The class had a blast with their comical stories and enjoyed sharing them with friends! With the school play around the corner, students also enjoyed helping the Hampstead Academy community by preparing for the production by making signs and a beanstalk!

Ms. Roberts’ Classroom Community Our graduating 8th grade students together on our Family Fun Day June 3rd 2022! More photos will be coming from today's Family Fun Day! All are looking forward to Graduation Day on June 8th!

Ms. Farrell's Music Classroom All students are putting the final touches on their end of year performance. Please check your email for specific information regarding costumes for grade 3-8. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, June 9 at 10:30am.

Ms. Baker's Art Classroom Here’s hoping everybody enjoyed the long Memorial Day holiday weekend. Monday’s holiday meant that only 2 groups met for art this week – our Prek/K and our Middle Schoolers. Lemons and Lemonade were the theme with the Prek/K crowd. We played with Lemon Salt Dough and colored pictures of Lemons, made happy lemon faces and incase anybody runs a lemonade stand this summer, everybody has a little sign they can color and use for that! We are proud of the paintings created by the 8th grade students on their legacy ceiling tiles. “Confusion” by Austen Magary “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lillies” Chloe Cioffi “Beanz” Daphne Botero “Parody of Katushika Hakusai” Mallery Correa “Pretty Girl I found on Pinterest” Eve DeBeckers “Paramnesia” Owen Flakne “Late Nights” Emma Kowalski “Parrot” Abby Kowalski Thank you to ALL the middle schoolers for their painting efforts AND a great job on the “Know the Artist” Assignment, which was a self-directed exploration into a bit of art history. Great job, everybody!

Ms. Kumar's Spanish Classroom Pre-K & Kindergarten are Learning animals, numbers, days of the week Grades 1-2 Seasons, numbers and math concepts of addition and subtraction, months, days, and commands. Grades 3-5 Listened to each students' country presentations and enjoying food from different Spanish speaking countries, as well as math concepts of addition and subtraction. Grades 6-8 Completed their country presentations and food tasting from different countries that they each prepare.

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