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Hampstead Academy Weekly Newsletter 02/10/2023

“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.”

—Michelle Obama

THANK YOU Mr. Neary!

Hampstead Academy has been so very lucky to have Mr. Jim Neary join us this year by teaming up with Mrs. Cummings and the Achievers. Jim is a life-long educator who spent many years as a teacher, administrator, and school improvement coordinator in the Lowell MA School District. His career has been filled with educators, students, and families who have respected and adored his kind and giving nature. We convinced him to come out of retirement and in the past few months, the creative ideas he has brought to help nurture our older students has been such a gift. A big shout out of THANKS to you, Mr. Neary. We are so appreciative of your time!


Parent Survey We invite you to take our 2022-2023 Parent Survey Your feedback helps us collect important information for continuing on our mission to Connect, Inquire, & Empower our students so they are prepared for the future. 2023-2024 Re-Enrollment Thank You for re-enrolling! Confirming re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 academic school year is important to be fully prepared with faculty, sustain current classroom maximum enrollments, and programs for next year. Please Click HERE to review Re-Enrollment for the 2023-2024 academic year. A copy of the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar has been posted to the HA website. Makerspace SIGN UP HERE for Wednesday March 1st Makerspace is a time for families to come together and be creative! You never know what the materials will be, but it’s always FUN!

LEtGO Your Mind July 24th - July 28th 2023 Hampstead Academy will be hosting LegoYourMind a one week camp July 24th - July 28th 2023. There will be two classes offered ages 6-8 and ages 9-13 Mon - Fri 9AM -3PM. Seats are limited and more information will be coming soon! Details and Registration may found at

Highlights Of The Week Stay updated on what’s happening in your Class DoJo Follow Hampstead Academy Events & News & our Calendar of Events. Need to connect with other HA Parents? Email delgiacco@hampsteadacademy for the most updated HA Directory.

Our PreK friends hosted STEM this week with the ACHIEVERS. Designing straw, stick, and brick houses while discussing the materials and what would make the best house. The class ended with one of our Achievers reading out loud to the group…can you guess the book?

Our STEAMERS have been busy enjoying this amazing weather in the woods and working together on their map project! After completing the map, it is now proudly displayed across form Mr. O's office.

DREAMER Designs was hired to paint our Head of School, Mrs. Melinda Labo’s office. Students measured, drew sketches, collaborated, and sent a proposal for the job. They won the bid and picked the perfect color then calculated how much would be needed to cover the walls. Today began the painting process! Somewhere over the rainbow our DREAMERS are getting closer to finishing their portion of Mrs. Labo’s office. The class is now deciding how best to design and create the clouds. Any suggestions?

Scratch Coding - ACHIEVERS and DREAMERS partnered to create their own game and play other games friends have created. Scratch coding is a block-based programming language which helps to simplify coding for beginners.

The second test batch of Cookies n' Cream have been distributed for taste testing. We all gave it a BIG THUMBS UP! The marketing research department is collecting data via a google form survey and will soon make decisions regarding product adjustments and production for selling and mass distribution.

Morning assembly with Mr. Robert as our guest performer singing about Robots and A.I.!

Warm weather winter Friday = extra time outdoors, big thumbs up, and lots of smiles :) : ) : )

Hampstead Academy now offers tuition assistance for qualifying families! Spread the word and visit for more details!

Important Dates Click Here for Calendar of Events

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