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Technology and Project-based Learning (PBL) Instruction Philosophy

By extending the classroom beyond the reach of the physical walls, students are enabled to access resources promoting creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and real-world learning experiences.  Extensions cultivate creative, contextual thinking requiring problem-solving and decision-making. Students are given opportunities to interact in various online communities which cultivating a sense of global awareness and affords opportunities to practice good digital citizenship.  Technology empowers students to see “community” ripples out from the immediate to the global environment.  Technology enables educators to provide learning experiences building upon a student’s innate enthusiasm for learning with tech projects of varied modality: promoting individual skill sets and differentiation.

Project-based learning opens venues for the development of personal expression, creativity, teamwork, communication skills, analytical and critical-thinking skills. Project-based learning incorporates technology and hands-on activities: multi-modal, differentiated, and individualized providing a solid foundation to compete in a global society.  Both the technology and project-based learning initiatives are designed to promote creativity and build resilience as well as perseverance within students.

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