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Mathematics Instruction Philosophy

Hampstead Academy believes providing each student with a Mathematics program rich with opportunities to become perceptive problem-solvers, each will be ready to become productive citizens able to communicate mathematically and work collaboratively (Singapore mathematics, 2019).From Preschool through Grade 8, mathematical concepts, computations, and explorations are emphasized as curriculum priorities shaping and serving students throughout life. The emerging mathematical literacy of a student is observed, encouraged, rehearsed, then authenticated through a variety of differentiated activities and assessments (Singapore Mathematics, 2019). A dynamic mathematics classroom environment incorporates manipulatives, dialogue assisting students in using a multi-sensory approach and encourages critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Hampstead Academy affirms an integrative approach to mathematics. The perspective emphasizes students learn not only about mathematics but also learn via the process of mathematics (NATN, 2019). Learning skills in context enables students to realize the purpose of instruction, empowers each to learn with each experience, and equips each with the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics to future learning.

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