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Camp Policy


Registration and Payment: 

Having completed an online registration form, our business office will contact you to verify all documents are complete and advise you  with initial payment information. You may choose to pay by ACH bank transfer or send in check/cash by June 1, 2021. Your registration is not complete until full payment for selected weeks is received..


Refund Policy:

Completed registration and program payment directs the hiring of staff to make all children safe and able to enjoy a robust program. Therefore, cancellations made 14 days prior to program start, 75% of the program fee will be refunded. Cancellations made within 7 days to the program start, 50% of the program fee will be refunded. NO program fee will be refunded. 


Covid Protocol: 

Health Screening: A completed health screening form will be sent two weeks prior to program starts and is a condition of a child’s participation. The form requires a signature authorizing the camp to act as custodial authority if a medical emergency occurs. Parents are required to read and return the form before the 1st day of camp.  

If a camper develops covid related symptom(s) on campus, or it has been learned a child  has been exposed to Covid, the camper will be separated from the group and parents will be contacted for pick up arrangement. Reentry will be in collaboration with the program director and Head of School.

Face Coverings: Face coverings are required for all campers and camp staff. The wearing of masks will only be required when students are engaged in inside activities [IE: art room]. But even then, children will only be required to cover faces when likely to be within six feet of peers for an extended period of time.


Behavioral Expectations: 

There are certain behaviors that cannot be tolerated at Hampstead Academy summer program and poor

choices will result in an immediate meeting with the parents and camp staff. In most cases,

the child will be immediately suspended from the camp and may re-enter only after a meeting of all involved

where a strategy for assisting the student will be developed.

  • Any threat, written or verbal, which states or implies intent to bring harm to others or property

  • Any intentional action causing bodily harm or damage to property

  • Possession of any weapon or explosive device on school property

  • Possession, distribution, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Bullying, harassment, teasing, causing physical or emotional harm to another individual

  • Open defiance to an adult

  • Improper or unauthorized use of internet

  • Disrespectful, disruptive behaviors

*Hampstead Academy reserves the right to cancel any program sessions due to under enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. If the program is concealed due to under enrollment, deposits will be returned in full.

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