• PTO Welcome

    The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) welcomes you to Hampstead Academy. The PTO, a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization, was established to support and assist in the promotion of education for students attending Hampstead Academy. The PTO sponsors a variety of events, including special speakers, feature shows and family activities.

    Parents are invited and encouraged to join the PTO. Meetings times will be determined for the year in early September and there will be approximately six meetings per year. Through the PTO parents have the opportunity to contribute to their child's education and connect with other parents in the Hampstead Academy community.

    The PTO raises its funds by requesting an annual donation from all Hampstead Academy families. These tax deductible donations are requested at the start of each academic school year and used during the same school year. Families making a donation of $100 or more have the option of selecting the category in which their donation will be used. Categories include:

        Family activities (movie night, bowling night, roller skating, pot luck dinner, bingo, etc.)
        Art & Music/Drama
        Math & Science
        Extracurricular sports/PE/playground
        General Education (Language Arts, Social Studies)
    Several committees will be established each year to assist the PTO in organizing these events and functions and we need parent volunteers to participate. For information on volunteer opportunities or committee membership please contact us by e-mailing the school at admissions@hampsteadacademy.org
    If you are interested in joining the PTO please contact us via email at admissions@hampsteadacademy.org or by telephone at 603-329-4406 x100.  
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