Tuition 2019-20

  • Make an Investment in Your Child's Future

    Education is all about preparing your child to become a happy, healthy adult who contributes to society in a positive way. At Hampstead Academy, we take this responsibility seriously.  Our school is designed with your child in mind.  We offer individualized attention in our small classes.  Students are immersed in an academic study designed to prepare them for the future:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math are the core of student learning.  Combine that with our rich, well-rounded Liberal Arts curriculum, including performing arts, music, physical education, movement and wellness, World Languages including Chinese and Spanish, MakerSpace, English, social studies, personal growth, and roots of language, and you can see that your child will have the skills to follow their own path.   

    Hampstead Academy offers a rigorous, preparatory education with a focus on educating the whole child.  Our community of teachers supports each student in their social, emotional, and educational development.   Our tuition includes all school supplies, local field trips, initial uniforms, lab fees, textbooks, technology, and some activities.  We want our families to focus on education, not fees.

    We hope that you feel we are worth the investment. 

Program Tuition
5 Day AM PreK/Kindergarten $7,000
5 Day Full Day PreK/Kindergarten $11,000
Grades 1-5 $13,000
Grades 6-8 $15,000
Tuition Deposit A 10% tuition deposit is due by March 15
  • Tuition covers instructional costs during the academic day, as well as the cost of most field trips (including overnight trips), technology infrastructure, special events, yearbooks, school supplies, agenda books, initial uniforms, some afterschool enrichment activities, some athletics, and student graduation. The tuition does NOT cover the cost of aftercare, daily bussing, or hot lunch.  

  • Contracts

    Contracts will be issued by February 16 for returning students.

    Contracts will be issued upon acceptance for new students.

    A tuition deposit of 10% should be submitted by March 15.

    Discounts for Current Students

    A 5% discount on the tuition balance (minus the deposit) will be allotted for each sibling enrolled. 

    Discounts for New Students

    A 5% discount on the tuition balance (minus the deposit) will be allotted for each sibling enrolled.

    All students

    The balance of tuition can be either paid in full by June 1, or divided into 8 equal payments beginning June 1, 2019, and ending January 1, 2020.

    All payments to Hampstead Academy will be processed through Quick Books. The Hampstead Academy business office manager will administer all financial transactions such as Tuition, After School Activities, Hot Lunch, Field Trips, Chaperones, Aftercare, Clubs, Team Sports, Grade 8 end of the year class trip and Bus Transportation.



Tuition Information