Why Choose Hampstead Academy?

  • Hampstead Academy, one of the best private schools in NH,  provides an environment in which children learn at their own pace within the context of a safe and nurturing environment. Each child’s inherent love of learning is encouraged by providing the opportunity to be independent, self-directed, and to engage in meaningful activities under the guidance of a caring, certified teacher. Through their learning children develop concentration, motivation, persistence, discipline, and harmony.

    At Hampstead Academy your child will not receive an education, they will create and experience their education.  Our multi-grade classrooms offer students the multitude of benefits that come from being recognized and respected as an individual learner.  Our integrated, preparatory, experiential approach to learning science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and a robust liberal arts curriculum develops 21st-century skills and builds capacities to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

    Our approach to student groupings is based on research on how children learn best.  We offer small classes of five to twelve children in a multi-grade setting.  Children love learning at Hampstead Academy because they learn at their own pace, thrive in an atmosphere dedicated to their needs, and are viewed as individuals rather than grouped within a classroom of “age-appropriate” teachings.  Our classes are small and personalized, and we promise to keep it that way.

    Course Content Builds Upon Individual Uniqueness

    At Hampstead Academy, each child gets noticed!  It is impossible for students to hide and get left behind. Having fewer students means that each child gets the attention they need from their teacher. Children of all ages are expected to take part in discussions and encouraged to express their opinions.  Best practices mean that each child is learning to his/her fullest potential. 

    Not only do students learn more in small classes, but they also learn faster and more genuinely. This means the class progresses through the course material more quickly.  Learning is enhanced by the confidence that students develop. All children are encouraged to share their opinions and ask and answer questions, which also benefits their peers through the sharing of knowledge.  Learning is further enhanced when teachers and students interact spontaneously in the classroom.

    At Hampstead Academy, children can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when sharing their ideas and perspectives. These genuine connections lead to lasting friendships. Students will respect and connect with peers who are from different cultures and backgrounds – a skill that is very important in the globalized 21st-century world.

    In multi-grade classrooms, teachers can tailor learning to students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what is being taught.  Teachers have more time to individualize their feedback, ensuring that each child understands the material, can get the help they need and can reach his or her potential.  Students and teachers at Hampstead Academy often work together one-on-one, which gives teachers the opportunity to customize instruction and guidance, and students receive their teachers’ undivided attention.

    With fewer students in a class, there is more time for each child to share their own ideas, express their opinions and describe their perspectives. They can really investigate where these ideas come from and enrich their personal understanding.

    Benefits of Multi-Grade Classes

    One of the biggest advantages for students of multi-grade classrooms is learning at their own pace. Children are not held to a strict curriculum that may be too advanced or too easy for their learning. They are challenged where they are, with individualized and personalized learning.  Every single child within a multi-grade classroom is viewed as a unique individual. As each child is developing their strengths, their teachers consistently monitor their needs and move forward with in-depth and complex open-ended STEAM activities. Achievement and learning are not confined by age-specific curriculums, each child learns at their own level according to their ability rather than their grade. Teachers work individually with students and with groups of children with similar abilities regardless of age. This gives children both individual and group time to grow.

    Increased confidence comes with self-direction and achieving goals. Children in multi-grade classes gain a sense of ownership with each achievement. There is no comparison with their peers because of their individual learning schedules.  This creates a space of continued accomplishment. With continued progress, a child becomes more positive and self-willing about school. 

    Hampstead Academy: Where You Can Be You

Children playing outside in winter at the best private school in NH