• ALICE is a set of proactive strategies that increase chances of survival during a violent intruder event.  Teachers at Hampstead Academy have been trained in these procedures.  These activities are undertaken by teachers and staff, not students.  Our priority is to protect the students.






    Alert:  Be alert for anything that alerts you to a possible active shooter including gunfire, witnesses, announcement, or phone call.

    Lockdown:  If the decision is made not to evacuate, secure the room by locking doors, covering windows, barricading.  Look for alternate escape routes.  Call 911 when it is safe to do so.  Silence cell phones and electronics. Look for things that can be used as weapons:  cups, fire extinguishers, pens, and prepare to use them.  Locate yourself in a position to surprise the threat if they enter the room. Never open the door.  Police will enter the room when it is safe to do so.

    Inform: Use any means available to pass on information to police and others.  This information will be valuable when making a collective decision on how to proceed. 

    Counter: If a teacher encounters the threat s/he should do whatever is possible to disrupt the threat.  This can include throwing things, swarming, attacking, and blocking the threat. 

    Evacuate:  Get away from the danger as quickly as possible.  Run in a zig-zag pattern as fast as possible.  Carry something to counter the threat in case of another encounter.