• School Safety

    At Hampstead Academy teachers, administrators and staff are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for students. A school crisis can take a number of forms including an environmental event such as a chemical spill or gas leak; a weather emergency such as a high wind warning; or an intruder in or near the school. The nature of a school crisis dictates whether school officials will put in place a lockdown, shelter-in place, evacuation or any combination of these protocols, as a means to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

    Internet Safety and Online Bullying

    Because we live in a digital world, it has is common to document, share, or comment on details about our daily lives on social media. While utilizing social media in a positive way can be beneficial, it can also create panic, concern, and anxiety for students, parents, and community members if used incorrectly. There are specific ways parents and community members can help ensure campus safety and positive classroom environments at Hampstead Academy.

    How can you report a safety concern?

    Call the school administration

    If you see questionable activity on social media, or anything suspicious in or around a school building, call the school directly to report a safety concern. In order to alleviate anxiety, you should not post the concern to social media to create more concern for our students, staff, and our parents.

    What can you do at home?

    If your child reports that an emergency drill took place on campus, take the opportunity to talk with your child about the importance of drills and other safety precautions while at school or in public.  When a drill does occur at school, you will be notified by email after the drill has concluded.

    Verify information before acting or spreading false information

    If you have questions about a rumor or incident at a campus, please call the school officials to verify the information before acting.

    Discuss the importance of social media responsibility with your child.

  • What can you expect from Hampstead Academy?

    Hampstead Academy takes all safety concerns very seriously and will respond as soon as possible after the situation is investigated. Hampstead Academy will send out official information or statements addressing any issue needing attention via email and/or social media sites such as the HA Facebook page or Twitter page.

    What is Hampstead Academy doing to Ensure School Safety?

    Our school always has school safety at the forefront of our concerns. Regarding safety, prevention and response are key. Several programs in are place to ensure schools are safe, including:

    • Training staff on recognizing students in emotional crisis
    • Development of a threat assessment safety team
    • Partnering and direct involvement with local law enforcement
    • Taking recommendations from the Safety Committee for specific projects that would increase the safety and security of buildings.
    • Updating the Emergency Response Protocol for emergency situations on campus
    • Practicing safety drills regularly
    • Completing ALICE and CPR training