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  • Why Hampstead Academy? 

    Hampstead Academy is a Preschool - Grade 8 school that works in partnership with our families to ensure that our students develop into capable, caring and engaged individuals. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares students to succeed personally and academically in a globally competitive world.  

    Our students learn content through a meaningful, rigorous STEAM curriculum which infuses technological learning throughout our rich liberal arts curriculum.  More importantly, students learn how to learn, how to apply skills and knowledge, and how to use technology as a tool of self-expression.  Students are immersed in challenging, preparatory level courses which encourage them to witness, explore, create, and engage themselves deeply in developing and synthesizing their learning and understanding. 

    How to Apply?

    International students who wish to be considered for admissions should complete the steps below. 


    Complete and submit the application form along with the application fee and a photograph of the student.

    Student Records Release Form

    Download the Permission for Release of Student Records and give it to your child’s current school to complete.  Please ask your child’s school administrator to submit all required documents to the Office of Admissions at Hampstead Academy, 320 East Road, Hampstead, NH 03841.  The school records should include current grades from the most recent marking period.


    • Applicants entering Grade 1 through Grade 5 are required to submit one evaluation form.  The grade-specific evaluation form can be downloaded and should be completed by the child’s current teacher.  Please ask your child’s teacher to mail the completed evaluation form directly to the Office of Admissions at Hampstead Academy.

    • Applicants entering Grades 6 through 8 are required to submit a Math and English evaluation form.  Both forms can be downloaded and should be given to your child’s current English and Math teacher(s).  If your child has the same teacher for English and Math, please ask that the teacher address each subject separately.  

    Admissions Testing Requirements

    All applicants in Grades 1-8 will take a computer-based screening assessment to determine academic placement.


    If distance prohibits a school visit, prospective students can be interviewed by Skype, WeChat, or Kakao.

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